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  • Variety of Switches
    Variety of Switches
  • Profession with Great Experiences
    Profession with
    Great Experiences
  • Keep walking
    Keep walking
  • Switches are Small, But Can Make You Big
    Switches are Small,
    But Can Make You Big

Welcome to Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd.

Salecom is a manufacturer of switches with product range includes toggle switch, rocker switch, slide switch, pushbutton switch, tact switch, key switch, dip switch and micro switch.

Professional and leading manufacturer of switches.

Salecom with more than 40 years of professional experience, specializes in designing and manufacturing various kinds of switches, and has been supplying an extensive range of items to leading brands worldwide.

Our factory is ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF 16949 certified and our products carry UL, CSA, ENEC and CQC approvals for Quality Assurance.

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Hot Products

  • Toggle Switches
    Toggle Switches

    Toggle Switches include Miniature type, Sub-miniature type, Ultra-miniature type, SMT type, Sealed type and Washable type with UL and ENEC approval.

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  • Rocker Switches
    Rocker Switches

    Rocker Switches include Miniature type, Sub-miniature type, Illuminated type, SMT type and Sealed type with UL and ENEC approval.

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  • Slide Switches
    Slide Switches

    Slide Switches include Miniature type, Sub-miniature type, Dustproof type, Sealed type and SMT type with UL and ENEC approval.

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